Design Your Own T-Shirt

Design Your Own T-Shirt

The advantage of technology is being able for you to source the product exactly as you want. Putting you in complete charge. We have now for a while wanted to offer this to our customers and now it is here. We will over the summer months improve the offering by allowing you to design much more than t-shirts. We will add polo shirts, hoodies and perhaps jackets too.

Ten of the most used reasons for designing your own t-shirts are as follows:

  • Hen and stag parties


  • Trade show events
  • Sports events
  • Summer fairs or fates
  • Charity events
  • Marathons


  • Reunions
  • Group holidays
  • Bespoke t-shirts


  • Campaign advertising

We at JustABallhop are delighted to be able to offer this service to all our customers. We have in our wisdom decided to offer this design your own feature to be the cheapest service in Ireland – this I can assure you is a fact!!!

You need to do your own homework on this but I have tried to get the same service cheaper on 15 different sites – some Irish and some pretending to be Irish (as in that they have a .ie domain but are based either in the UK or Holland – Go Figure!

Some of these services offer t-shirts with print for as little as €5.50 – but the truth does not come out until you try to checkout and this €5.50 offering for a basic T-shirt turned out to be €20 or €25 after print, text and shipping. I will tell you that we offer €8 for a T-Shirt, €3 for print on front or €6 for print on back & front plus we only charge €4 for delivery anywhere in Ireland. So our offering is €8 plus €3 plus €4 a total of €15 or €18 with print on back and front.

Anyways that’s my rant over about the competitors. Please go and check out our service at This Page



Thanks again all for your support.

JustABallhop Team