There are a number of frequently asked questions sections – Orders | Accounts | Shipping | Guarantees | Pricing/Billings | Buying Guide | Support – All dealt with in this page. If you have any other query there is a contact form at the bottom of every page on this site. Please don’t hesitate to contact us no matter what your query. Thank You.

as soon as you have checked out (paid for your goods) we start processing your order. We embroider/print on to your specific goods and ship your items to your address this process is normally around 7-11 working days from the time we receive your order. The email you receive on placing an order states ‘Please allow 10-14 working days’ this is in place for very busy periods. But the normal turn around time for us falls between 7 and 11 working days.

On the product page and on the checkout cart page there is a plus and minus symbol to add more or take away to your specified quantity you require.

After you have ordered in a few days when embroidery/print is completed you will receive an email telling you that your order has been shipped and on this email will be a tracking ID – here you can use this tracking ID to track your order.

Immediately contact our support team on info@justaballhop,ie

This will occur before you checkout if you are a first-time buyer from JustABallhop you will be asked to register and then your account is created at this point. For any further purchase her after the system remembers that you are a user and you can simply purchase without any registration.

Your account is located in the right top corner of each and every page on JustABallhop – you can select this and click edit account information to change your information at any time.

JustABallhop strives to keep it’s shipping costs at as low a rate as possible. Our fees are therefore EXACTLY what we pay the courier who handles your parcel. Courier rates increase annually and we adjust ours accordingly. You can see all rates (they vary for ROI, NI, UK, UK Islands etc) on the checkout page once you have placed an item in the basket. We are happy to arrange postage for UK Islands and the rest of the world via An Post. If you’d like a quote to these areas using An Post please contact us. We will ONLY SHIP VIA REGISTERED POST to ensure insurance and tracking that delivers a quality experience for both us and you. .

We tend not to take any returns. From your purchase we create and embroider/print your goods and finally ship them to you. If you do have any issue please contact our team in relation to returns at info@justaballhop.ie

If this happens this was an error made either by our team or by the logistics company. It does not tend to happen often but if it does then contact us immediately at info@justaballhop.ie and we will rectify the issue immediately with no cost to you.

Yes we ship worldwide

Yes at the bottom of every page on JustABallhop.ie we provide you with a link to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of JustABallhop.

As soon as you checkout you will receive an email with your receipt (this is of course when you have given your correct email address)

Immediately. Like any other online or retail store/shop your card is charged at the time you checkout.

We in JustABallhop have gone to great lengths to ensure our customers can easily find all the products they are looking for and a very user friendly check out service. We also have a search icon at the top middle of every page on the site so this affords you the convenience at any time to search for the products you require.

Yes. from time to time JustABallhop emails a coupon to it’s loyal customers and this voucher/coupon code can be applied at the time of checkout on the cart page. These coupons are usually for a percentage off the total goods being ordered.