What’s in a brand?

Sorry blog peps about the delay for this blog – it is not because I don’t have the material to blog about I have volumes of that – it is mainly down to being really busy and it being the silly summer season.


In this post I want to talk a little about successful brands and what branded logos on clothing items can do to help your brand become successful. I also want to touch base a little about how our business works and how we in JustABallhop strive to ensure customer satisfaction.


Firstly let us look at successful brands according to Forbes Magazine and Interbrand International here are the top 16 Global brands today. Amazingly of the 16; 10 of these companies are technology companies, 3 of them are car manufacturers, 2 are food and beverage companies and the final company is Disney which you could describe as an entertainment company.

So is this what we hold relevant and important in life?

  • Tech
  • Cars
  • Food & Drink
  • Entertainment


They (“the experts”) say that when you interact with a brand like any of the 16 above you feel some emotion towards the brand or the logo and it is like you experience something emotional. This I guess could be said of Apple – I am an iPhone person and I do love my iPhone, I also have Apple TV and an Apple watch – it seems that my experience is a very positive one when it comes to Apple and their products. Do I love Apple? Or My Loyal to Apple? YES & YES AGAIN


So if you have a business and a brand and a logo can you say your customers or potential customers have a positive experience when they interact with your brand?

Is your brand recognisable?

Where is your brand visible?

Does your brand require work?

Does your brand need to be exposed more?


JustABallhop team believes that by you exposing your brand on promotional clothing day in day out you gain traction from potential customers or even existing customers


By people viewing your brand on the street, in public, a bar, a shopping centre or an office meeting it triggers something in them to bond with the brand. The more exposure to the brand the more they are aware of your business and the more sub-consciously they believe that the have a relationship with your company.



So where does that leave us (JustABallhop)? I think if you don’t already know us and this brand?



Then where have you been people, where I ask you………..WHERE?


First off we are not just a graphic or a logo – our brand stands for a lot of different things

  1. Reliability
  2. Cost effectiveness
  3. Friendly & Helpful
  4. Innovative
  5. Hard Working

And lots lots more things too but that’s enough about us – what about you and your company and your brand; has it all it requires to ensure your customers have a positive experience when interacting with your brand and is there anything JustABallhop can help with???


Clothing and promotional products to get your brand more recognised in main stream Irish life.


I think in the past week alone we have ensured that around 150 Irish businesses will have their brand more recognisable in main stream Irish business life. These businesses are in industries of print media, food and beverage, manufacturing, trades, sports and leisure and many more. We love what we do and we are really good at it if there is anything you thing we can help you with then drop us a line.


See you all next month peps, keep it country!